Which personal training certification is best reddit?

After that, I suggest going with him. A CSCS is the gold standard for personal training, although the title sounds specific to training. After that, I suggest you go for the cheapest option that will allow you the title of Certified Personal Trainer. A few years ago, that was Action.

In my opinion, your knowledge and wisdom as a coach far exceeds what you learn as a CPT. I don't see the point of paying more for a company's CPT when they all teach basic concepts. It's my two cents in my experience. NASM is a highly recognized certificate and, in many ways, is considered the standard (among others, including ACE).

TL; DR - College doesn't matter, just find out where you want to train and who you want to train. All the certificates you have published are good. Personally, I would choose NASM or ISSA, depending on your objectives. Oh, and people have a love-hate relationship with coaches.

In terms of what is recognized outside of Canada. Practically anything that has a pre-educational requirement. If I don't have a pre-educational requirement (I didn't take any courses or programs related to this in higher education), would that mean that I can't apply to any of the programs you mentioned (NASM, CSCS, CSEP)? In that case, would CanFitPro be the best option for me? I heard some people say it was some kind of scam. I was injured and insulted with racial slurs by a coach who claimed to be certified by the CSEP, which is listed in his profile.

I complained to his manager, but the guy said I liked him and he didn't like me again, so he was making things up for me, the manager literally slammed the door at the desk and yelled at me. This lady said that they cannot accept my complaint because she is not and was not a member. I reported to the manager again, he ignored me and transferred me a month later. I spoke to the regional manager, he brought legal and security issues to intimidate me, saying that if I told someone they would sue me for harassment.

The woman in HR freaked out when I tried to record our conversation. They cited Bill 168, in which a person's credential is private information. I contacted CSEP again, the lady I spoke to was on maternity leave and her colleague just didn't respond. I called a dozen times before he spoke to me.

I told him that this person continued to claim that he was certified by the CSEP. She replied that she cannot deny or confirm. I think the manager came to them. The CSEP refused to take action against people who misuse their brand.

I've called the consumer board, Better Business Bureau, Competition Bureau, even the police for possible corruption because it's the city of Brampton. I've tried to talk to 2 mayors, called their office more than 20 times. None of them would do anything. I seriously believe that the city of Brampton HR is corrupted.

As a customer, I think fitness certifications don't make any sense if someone can say they're something in Canada. I feel sorry for all the legitimate coaches who worked so hard for it. There was another fake coach who claims to be a neurosurgeon from Sri Lanka with a CPTN certificate. The lady from CPTN was more aggressive, having the city of Brampton fire him immediately.

He's not a doctor either, he's a 32-year-old first-year science student at Sheridan. Anyone who chooses, in the end, to become a great personal trainer is about continuously learning, being able to talk to their clients and form a bond and improve themselves, showing enthusiasm for the world of fitness, whether through blogs, competition, etc. However, in my opinion, the most respectable Entities by which one person can move on to become a certified personal trainer are the ACSM and the NSCA.

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