Which Personal Trainer Certification is Best in India?

The International Association of Sports Science (ISSA) is the best option for obtaining the best CPT certification. The ISSA stands out among the fitness industry for its brand recognition and quality. It is best to go to professionally recognized courses, as you will gain more knowledge and also have a good chance of getting a job in the fitness industry. The Fitness & Wellness segment in India is booming, with people eager to follow the latest trends in fitness training and a strong demand for expert fitness trainers.

Qualified fitness coaches today can work in gyms at luxury hotels, resorts, offices, neighborhoods, client homes, schools, physical therapy clinics (after rehabilitation ends). The job is exciting and it's a great feeling to help people get fit. Employment Opportunities Grow as People Become Increasingly Conscious. You get to know the rich and famous; you can earn your name and fame as a celebrity coach.

But there is no job stability, lack of stable income, unless trainers are hired by schools or government organizations. The IFAA Certified Personal Trainer Level 1 training integrates theoretical knowledge based on the latest knowledge of sports science with the most essential practical sports exercises and training methods. FitBiz, in - Fitness, Sports & Wellness in India Sports & fitness businesses, jobs, career, news Here are some more institutes in India that offer physical training. American Council on Exercise — ACE Provided by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), if you have this certification, it means you have the knowledge and skills needed to teach a class of fitness enthusiasts.

In addition to teaching effective communication skills, teaching techniques, and motivational skills, these certifications also help instructors develop and implement group exercise programs that are safe and effective. American College of Sports Medicine: ACSM REPS Certification Will Help Fitness Instructors Attract Lucrative Placement Opportunities from Around the World. Jerai Fitness will also help them get jobs in gyms across India. Do you want to do a career in fitness? You should start with a personal trainer course that will help you get a job in a gym and gain valuable experience.

There are several different types of personal trainer courses that you can find. The best Personal Fitness Trainer courses (in-person) tend to be expensive, but they allow you to meet people, make contacts, and most of the fitness institutes that teach these courses also allow you to do internships. If you intend to become a fitness trainer, attend physical training courses that provide certification (from a recognized body). The type of course you choose will depend on what you intend to do with the knowledge.

If you are interested in two personal training certifications for the cost of one, NFPT and Fitness Mentors have partnered to provide the best educational experience in the industry with the power to earn two CPT certifications at a time. While there is no fitness test to become a personal trainer, being fit would certainly help you attract clients. I think it's great that you want to get into the personal training and fitness industry, as it seems like it's been a very important part of your life. You should also understand the personal trainer position description and the typical duties and responsibilities of the personal trainer when deciding career directions.

With an ISSA CPT, ISSA nutritionist certification and an ISSA fitness specialization, you'll warm up right from the start, ready to start your fitness career. Hi Charles, if your friend plans to work with older clients during personal training, I still suggest that he give a general personal training certification such as that of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), International Association of Sports Sciences (ISSA), American Exercise Council (ACE), or any other accredited certifications. The bad news is that for freelance coaches, earning ACE certification alone won't prepare you to build your own fitness business, especially when it comes to personal training marketing ideas. Hi Saed, no problem.

I hope my website helped you choose the certification that best suits your training style and personality. With the exception of AFAA all personal training certification bodies on this list have the option of an exam accredited by National Commission of Certification Agencies (NCCA), which is considered as gold standard for fitness certifications. Hi Nashit, it really depends on where you want to do personal training for what personal training certification you get. While this information may go beyond what you need as a personal trainer knowing underlying science behind effective physical training is always beneficial in explaining your reasoning to clients and helps you develop more effective training programs.

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