What Qualifications Does a Personal Trainer Need?

Personal training is a rewarding profession that can improve people's lives and help them achieve their fitness goals. To become a personal trainer, you must have at least a national certification and be certified in CPR. You may also need an undergraduate degree, depending on the certification organization. Personal trainers must have advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, nutrition and exercise science.

They create and direct individual and group exercises tailored to the health needs of their clients. Trainers should also keep up to date with the latest recommendations and professional discoveries in fitness and nutrition. Personal trainers can work for themselves, in gyms or fitness centers, or in corporations. They must complete cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) certification programs.

Future coaches should choose a specialty that matches their skills, personal interests, and professional goals. Once you have determined your specialization, review the different fitness certification bodies and each of their fitness certifications. Choose the program that makes the most sense for you and your goals. You can gain experience working at your local gym and possibly following an experienced trainer.

Some new personal trainers choose to create a client list on their own and work independently. By gaining the necessary certifications and experience, you can find a personal training job in a gym. You can also work as a personal trainer, build a client base on your own, or make fitness videos to post online or on social media. With a little time in the industry, you could run a gym and lead a team of personal trainers and gym instructors.

Although most personal training certificate programs only require a high school diploma, expanding your education is a great way to expand your professional career. You can usually apply for a personal training certificate or an associate's degree. You also have the option to search for an advanced degree, such as a bachelor's degree or master's degree. It combines practical and classroom instruction into the fundamental concepts behind fitness and the development of exercise plans.

Personal trainers need education, experience, and personal qualities to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Learn more about skills that can help pave the way to a thriving career in personal training. Fitness and health are expanding industries with multiple possible career paths available. For people who are unsure about the personal trainer certification path, below is a list of other possible employment options they should consider.

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