What Does a Personal Training Session Include?

When you first meet with a personal trainer at Fitness Together, you can expect to go through some paperwork, take a tour of the facility, have a verbal consultation, and receive a brief training and evaluation. Your exercise program should be a combination of movement and education. At the end of each session, you should understand the benefits of strength training and cardio training. By the end of your program, you'll know how to move properly and use the equipment in the gym.

You'll also learn about diet and nutrition and how to maintain lifelong health and well-being. Don't forget to ask your personal trainer for quick exercises that you can do at home to keep your muscles and joints active. These exercises can be routine or tailored to your needs or goals, such as resistance, strength training, or weight loss. Your personal trainer will use the Say What to Do approach to give clear instructions on what muscles should be working during each movement.

This will help you and your trainer adapt your program to fit your goals more efficiently. As you progress through training sessions, the personal trainer will record your activity, body composition, and other fitness level measurements. The training program that your personal trainer creates for you will be customized based on your fitness goals and body type. It should include different workouts that increase in difficulty as you progress.

Your personal trainer will also provide encouragement and motivation to help you reach your goals. All personal trainers must have at least a Level 3 personal training qualification in order to work as a PT. Some trainers offer half-hour sessions, so their price will change accordingly. The main function of a fitness trainer is to create a safe but effective exercise program for your personal training that meets your needs or achieves your goals.

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