Is being a part time personal trainer worth it?

It's a rewarding, highly qualified career with immense job satisfaction (CNN Money, 201.If you're ready to get more involved in the fitness industry but are worried about quitting your daily job, consider part-time personal training. For the sake of this blog post, we'll limit you to examining a day in the life of a personalized fitness coach, i. Obtaining a nationally accredited personal training certification from a major company such as NASM, ACE, or Fitness Mentors can be achieved in a few months. In short, personalized fitness trainers can have a career they are passionate about and generate sustainable income while doing it.

Many fitness coaches choose personal training as a career path because they have a firm belief in leading a healthy lifestyle. Another benefit of being a coach is that you learn a lot about health and fitness while earning your fitness training certification. I also worked as a personal trainer at a local gym with some private personal training clients. Consider working on personal training and how helping people achieve their health and wellness goals can also help you achieve your personal goals.

It's why 80% of personal trainers leave the industry in two years: the initial passion for fitness and helping others inevitably disappears. A large percentage of fitness trainers decide to start training because they love fitness and want to help people.

Karla Kanoon
Karla Kanoon

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