Is a personal gym worth it?

Not only can a home gym be as effective as a commercial gym in keeping you fit, but it can also be more effective. Faster workouts, comfort and motivation to use something you've invested so much money in can make you exercise more often. Keep in mind that “home gym” is a pretty broad term. A home gym, like buying a car outright, is now yours forever.

However, a home gym doesn't pay for itself as quickly as a car (if purchased following our suggestions) and it never has to be upgraded unless you simply want to. You can literally keep your best gym equipment at home until you die and give it to your children or your children's children. Powder-coated steel lasts so long and, unlike technology, never goes out of style. A home gym is also much cheaper throughout your life compared to a gym membership.

We'll go into more of the essential numbers in the next section, but most home gyms could end up being cheaper for their owner in less than three years compared to the cost of a commercial gym membership. The last thing you need are weight plates. You should buy approximately 285 pounds. Start with light and make small progressions using the smallest margin you can imagine.

See our training series, starting with 3 essential principles of successful training to learn more. I agree with the principle, but I have followed it in a different direction. As a runner (for the past 30 years), my first priority was to have a treadmill, for bad weather days, and we bought one with our first home more than 20 years ago and have had it ever since. As we got older, we realized that we needed to diversify our aerobic exercise and added a recumbent bike and an elliptical about 10 years ago.

We also added some dumbbell weights, balls, bands and mats so we could do some basic strength training. Good luck against the Battle of the Bulges. Mix it up to avoid injury. Eat less carbohydrates and eliminate 100 per day in jumps, push-ups, push-ups and squats, and you'll be strong and fit, especially with an aerobic component (cycling, running, walking, walking, walking, swimming).

Bodyweight exercises allow you to climb up or down to easier versions as you start or get stronger. I have yet to master the “Gun Squat” or the armed pull-up. It's good to know, the next time I put 300 on the bench, I'll have one of your children put me up for my twentieth representative. I don't even use an observer for my heaviest lifts.

I bench press inside the squat rack. Align the safety bars at the lowest point possible, where if the bar fell off, it wouldn't hit your chest (but it would be 1 cm away from doing so), place the bench inside the squat rack, etc. We've had a home gym for 12 years. It all started when I realized that I had become a television addict and wanted to get back in shape.

I hired a trainer at the gym to help me get started for 3 months. I wanted to work out with my wife, but I didn't want to go to the gym. He didn't like other people watching his training. So we brought the gym home.

I discovered that I really like going to the gym, at least this. Why? Male camaraderie: As a dentist, I'm surrounded by women all day, every day, it's good now to have stood up with the same group of men (and some girls) for the past 2 years or more. They're great kids and I enjoy the jokes and being out and about and worshipping in the “Temple of Iron Responsibility — if I miss a week, people at the gym will call me directly — “Where have you been, brother? Increased team mix. I did the big four during the first year and got bored.

I like to have more variety with cable machines, hammer strength and strongman equipment. I tend to change the exercises every 8-12 weeks. I also found that my shoulder is simply not compatible with the traditional barbell bench press due to a previous injury and I prefer other pressure exercises. You're right, a bank is definitely essential, however, if you could only get 3 items, I would stick with the ones I mentioned.

You never need to go 100%. This is without a doubt a marathon and it is ALWAYS best to take your time and let your body adapt slowly. Kalam Tang is the former skinny guy who started Kalibre Fitness to share his personal experience, research and advice on how to gain your first 20 pounds as a tough player. .


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