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Fantaay Ewave
Sonido Wireless
Being the first and only digital wireless music (Audio) system, ewave™ lets people roam wire free around health/fitness facilities and other recreational areas. Users can control the music and listen to any number of audio channels while roaming freely thanks to the system's 14 simultaneous channels.

That's right, we make it possible for the first time ever to allow health/fitness facilities and other recreational areas to provide music in the cardio area, through to the resistance area and anywhere else you want people to enjoy entertainment.

You can make your ewave™ system as small or as large as you want and need!

Provide 14 stereo CD quality channels of music or T.V.

Allow users to roam freely in Cardio and Resistance areasFull user controls on the sports compact headphones

Security tracking of all roaming headphones to prevent users taking a unit outside the club.